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Short Paragraph on Vishwakarma Puja

Here is your short paragraph on Visvakarman Puja: Visvakarman is the divine architect of the universe, the personification of creative power which ‘welds heaven and earth together’. Visvakarman not only represents supreme creative power but also universal knowledge and wisdom. He is both the establisher (dhatar) and the disposer (vidhatar). Satapatha Brahmana (XIII. 7, 1f) […]

Short Paragraph on Vyasa Puja

Here is your short paragraph on Vyasa Puja: Vyasa puja is celebrated in the month of Adi (July-August) on the full-moon day by the asceties. In Tamil Nadu this is observed primarily for the general welfare of the world by securing the blessings of Vyasa. This puja is conducted at Kanchipuram every year as Adi […]

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