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Paragraph on Ratha Yatra (874 Words)

Here is your paragraph on Ratha Yatra: In Orissa, the most popular of the numerous festivals celebrated round the year is the ‘Ratha Yatra’ festival in the sacred city of Puri. This is the grand culmination of a number of celebrations spread over the summer and the monsoon months. This, great festival begins with ‘Chandan […]

Short Paragraph on Puri

Here is your short paragraph on puri: This is one of the four ‘dhamas’, the ‘abodes’ of the gods. In the east, on the coast of Bay of Bengal in Orissa, is Puri, where the great Krishnaite temple of Jagannath is situated. Popularly known as ‘Jagannatha Temple’, this is one of the largest in India, […]

Paragraph on Jagannath Temple (Puri)

Here is your Paragraph on Jagannath Temple: Although Krishna is usually portrayed as a very handsome youth, as Jagannatha his image is repulsively ugly. Various myths have grown up to explain this, including the following: a fowler called Basu found Jagannatha in the form of a blue-stone image at the foot of a banyan tree. […]

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