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Religion: Short Paragraph on Religion (413 Words)

How to define or even explain religion is a very difficult task as it is so diverse in historical development, so culturally varied, that all definitions developed so far often failed to encompass it adequately. In its simplest and purest form, religion is an emotional attitude towards the unknown and the uncontrolled. It is a […]

Short Paragraph on Religion (440 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Religion ! Human’s belief in a supernatural power is called religion. Religion is an unknown & unseen power of human belief. It consists of series of practices and performances that binds & link human beings with that power. Religion is something that every individual receive it from his/ her […]

Paragraph on Forms of Religion!

Paragraph on Forms of Religion! Religion seeks Lo interpret and control man’s relations to the forces of his physical and social environment. These forces are thought to be under the control of some supernatural power. The attempt to interpret man’s relations to these forces led to several forms of religion like superstition, animism, totemism, magic, […]

Paragraphs on Religion (938 Words)

Paragraphs on Religion (938 Words) It is not an easy task to give a definition of religion which will satisfy everyone. The principal difficulty is that many people take the word to mean their own religion, regarding all other forms as non-religion, irreligion, superstition or anti-religion. Writers have defined religion in various ways. According to […]

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