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Paragraph on Ucchi Pillayar Shrine

Here is your paragraph on Ucchi Pillayar Shrine: Thiruchirapalli is a famous pilgrimage centre, because of its temple dediĀ­cated to Lord Ganesha situated on top of a rock hill and another two temples one for God Siva and the other Lord Vishnu – close by. In Uchchi Pillayar Koil (Vinayaka Temple), image of Lord Ganesha […]

Short Paragraph on Taippusam

Here is your short paragraph on Taippusam: This Tamil festival occurs in the month of Tai on the day with the asterism Pusam. On this auspicious day, a sacred bath is prescribed. It is said that Indra got rid of his sins on this day at Tiruppudaimarudur in the Tirunelveli district. A bath in the […]

Short Paragraph on Tamil New Year Day

Here is your short paragraph on Tamil new year day: This day falls on the first of Chittirai (middle of April) in accordance with the solar system (Soura month) is the day when the Sun enters “the sign Aries of the Zodiac”. The day is considered to be a sacred occasion called Chittirai Vishu Punyakalam, […]

Short Paragraph on Chitra Pournami

Here is your short paragraph on Chitra Pournami: This is the full moon day in the month of Chittirai (April-May) and is an auspicious occasion for the final day function (tirttavari) of the annual festival in several temples of Tamil Nadu. If Chitra Pournami happens to fall on a Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, it is […]

Very Short Paragraph on Avanimulam

Here is your short paragraph on Avanimulam: This festival of Tamil Nadu is associated with the life of Manikava-Cakar that occurs in the month of Avani (August-September). This is observed in all Siva temples but as an incident in said to have happened at Madurai, the festival has a special significance there. The Myth is […]

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