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Short Paragraph on Tarakeswar Matha

Here is your short paragraph on Tarakeswar Math: This holy place is situated in the Hoogly district of West Bengal. This is the apex Matha of Dashnama Shaiva sect. It is said that the learned discourses on the Hindu Shastras establish beyond doubt that the Dashnami Sannyasis are Vedic Sannyasis and that the Mathadhari Sannyasis […]

Short Paragraph on Garya-Bandhna Parab

Here is your short paragraph on Garya-Bandhna parab: This is primarily a festival of Ahirs of Purulia district of West-Bengal. That occurs in the month of Kartik. It commences on the day after Kali Puja. This a cattle festival the special foods are offered to the cattle and are worshipped on the first day—second day […]

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