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Short Paragraph on Indian Wildlife

Short Paragraph on Indian Wildlife! Possessing a tremendous diversity of climate and physical conditions, India’s  wildlife has a great variety of fauna. There are about 500 species of mammals and 2,000 species of birds in the wildlife of India. More than 30,000 different species of insects, apart from a great variety of fishes and reptiles […]

Paragraph on the Wildlife of India (1021 Words)

Here is your paragraph on the wildlife of India! Wildlife comprises animals, birds, and insects living in forests. With large regional variations in physiography, climate and edaphic types, Indian forests offer a wide range of habitat types which are responsible for a large variety of wild life in India. (more…)

Paragraph on the Preservation of Wildlife in India

Paragraph on the Preservation of Wildlife in India ! The fast dwindling forest cover in India has adversely affected wildlife in the country. The number of several species has been drastically reduced, some are endangered species, the others are on the verge of extinction while some of them have already disappeared. This is a very […]

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