Short Paragraph on My Ideal Teacher (510 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my ideal teacher:

According to me an ideal teacher is the one who is a friend as well as a teacher to his/ her students. To become a good teacher one must be a good friend.


My ideal teacher is Sir Ravesh Sharma. He looks like a solemn & grave during the classroom lectures but deep down he is a man of soft and sweet temper. He appears different all the times sometimes young & bright and sometimes rather old.

No matter what happens he is always alert and active of what his students are doing. He is respected and liked by everyone who knows him whether it may be teachers, principal, students or parents. He has all the answers to everybody’s problems. He is our Mathematics teacher. Hence he has all the problems related to the subject as well.

He also teaches us that the mantra towards achieving success in life is to be energetic all the times. Whenever he finds his students being lazy, he immediately takes a stand and admonishes them. He is a perfectionist too as he believes in satisfaction at work. He teaches us to do things with perfection & grace always be it studies be it art or anything else. On every Friday he conducts special sessions for all of us instead of regular subject classes.

He teaches us perfection, etiquettes, dedication and hard work. We discuss our day to day problems with him apart from studies on Fridays. He guides us towards the right path. He tells us to be patient and face the hardships of life with courage and we must welcome everything with open arms no matter what the situation is.


If any student fails to understand any mathematical problem he personally pays attention to him/ her to correct him. But he is very strict in giving marks in the exam papers and class tests because he believes that there is no substitute towards hard work.

During the subject classes he becomes our teacher but during the Friday classes, school functions and picnics he becomes our best friend. He is a great inspiration source for me and my classmates. On every Saturday our school organizes sports period of one hour for us.

Ravesh Sir always encourages us to actively participate in sports activities because he says that we are very fortunate to have such activities at our school for us. He is a great state level basketball champion. All basketball students who take his advice over how to play it well.

It’s been 2 years since Ravesh Sir has joined our school and in these 2 years he has mingled so well with everybody in our school. He has influenced many students in terms of academics. Those students who were weak in mathematics now scores good marks because of the tricks given by Ravesh Sir to crack the mathematical problems. There are endless reasons behind why I consider him my ideal teacher. I wish that he gets all the happiness and success in life ahead.

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