Impact of Technology on Family Life – by Anand


Technology is a boon of the modern era. It encompasses anything and everything. Technology helped people in making things more convenient, achievable and effective.

Technology touched every aspect of the lives of the people. People started depending more on technology and the need for manual labour started decreasing. Technology is so intricately linked with the lives of the people that in its absence, the world will descend into chaos and tension. In the same way, technology affects family life as well.

Life and Technology:


In the past, people had minimal needs and mostly did manual labour, People were satisfied as they bore fruits of their own labour. With the coming up of technology, people became lazy and wanted things to happen as quickly as possible. Technology, gave a solution to that problem. People started believing in technology and gradually, allowed technology to enter into every aspect of their lives.

Impact of Technology:

Technology exists in all sectors of our society, be it education, health, industries, etc. Technology has single-handedly made life easier for the people on earth. It is because of technology that we can watch television at home, listen to the radio, play music on the stereo, wash clothes in the washing machine, get updates of whatever is happening around the world etc.

In school, technology has helped in making classrooms more efficient and student-friendly. Technology has given us the cell phone, a tool which is found in the hand of almost every person on the planet. In the similar way, technology has impacted the family life by providing for television, washing machine, microwave oven, cell phones, laptops, videogames etc.

Life without Technology:

Life without technology is unimaginable today. More than half of the things in the world today are run with the help of technology. The industrial sectors, the electronic sector, the health sector, the education sector, the financial sector, all use the help of technology. With the absence of technology, every sector would collapse and life on earth would become difficult. The negative impacts of technology are plenty with some of them bring harmful to health.


However, without technology, life would have been more peaceful and serene. There would not have been too much tension. Before technology, even criminal activities were less. People enjoyed a cordial relationship with each other and were worried about nothing. There was happiness all around.


Though life without technology is unimaginable today, it would have been a better life than the life with technology. There would have been less violence and people would have bonded together in a better way. Technology was created by man but man is gradually becoming its servant. Technology is virtually becoming the master of its creator. Thus, life without technology would have been the best thing. The family life which exists now would have been more peaceful and serene.

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