Short Paragraph on Basgo Gompa

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The Maitreya represents the Buddha of the future; this temple site dedicated to the Maitreya serves the Tibetan Buddhist diaspora as a symbol of hope and faith.


Its three sacred buildings, built in the 15th century, are the oldest surviving Chamba Lhakhang (Maitreya temples).

Within the main temple sits a 14m high Maitreya Buddha, surrounded by murals depicting scenes from the life of the deity and portraits of partrons responĀ­sible for its construction; murals and statuary similarly embellish the two smaller temples. The fortress complex is used by the community and monks of Hemis Monastery for ceremonies and holidays.

Basgo Gompa occupies a manmade hill that is being eroded by wind. Monks and locals regularly share up the crumbling walls but the exterior cobbleĀ­stone foundation needs structural stabilisation. Water leaking through the roofs has threatened the stability of the floor of the main temple, as well as its statue and murals. An active community and residents of the temple complex are eager to being restoration as soon as a plan is devised and funds secured.

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