Short Paragraph on My Town (300 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my town:

We all live in towns and cities and each of us have a liking to a specific town or a city. Cochin City is Ernakulum. I like my town very much and it is well advanced.


Ernakulum is also called the commercial capital of the state of Kerala. The Cochin Stock exchange, the Corporation of Cochin and The Kerala High Court is also situated in Ernakulum. There are so many malls and shopping complexes that have come up in the recent years and the life has become to a very fast moving trend, just like a metro.

Developments are happening at a very fast pace and we are enjoying the life that keeps changing very quickly. I remember, earlier when I was small we had to walk and the transportation was not that advanced, but now it has developed so much that even the metro rails are on the process, to make us get out from the heavy traffic blocks.

Not only the roads, but also the business arena has developed so much, Earlier there were only a few textile shops and some large shops, but now you get everything under the sky. With large supermarkets and well advanced shopping malls, it is easier to get things.

Education, infrastructure, job opportunities all have grown over a period of time and our generation is just enjoying the every phase of growth as we have seen what it was and what it is now and could visualize, what it would be tomorrow.


I like my town very much. My town has grown to a city and is still growing with lots and lots of opportunities. I love to be here and enjoy the life over here, which is fun, exciting and great for us.

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