Tsunami Warning System: Paragraph on Tsunami Warning System

Tsunami Warning System: Paragraph on the Status of Tsunami Warning System in India!

Unfortunately India and other Indian Ocean rim countries did not have tsunami warning system before 26th December 2004 when the deadly tsunamis hit the coasts of Indian Ocean.


Had public warnings been issued about the killing tsunami waves across the Indian Ocean, thousands of lives and property worth billions of rupees could be saved as the tsunami which hit the Sumatra Island took about three hours to crash into the Indian Coast.

After the catastrophe, India has decided to install her own tsunami warning system at the cost of Rs. 125 crore rather than becoming a part of the Pacific Warning System. There is a plan to put 6 to 12 Deep-ocean Assessments and Reporting of Tsunami (DART) Systems, six km under the sea surface. Like the Pacific DART system, this system also will be able to record even one centimetre difference in the size of waves.

The DART will be attached to buoys linked to satellites and land stations for real time recording of the height of waves. It is hoped that the system will become functional by the year 2007. The system using platform of Global Ocean Observing system will meet the needs of the Indian Ocean Rim nations.

The member states will have to set up their own receiving stations to get networked with the Indian system. Special early warning system will be set up along the fault lines stretching from Java-Sumatra to Myanmar and in Kachchh in the Arabian Sea.

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