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My Village Balabhadrapur is located on the banks of river Brahmani. It has river Brahmani on one side & its tributaries on the other two sides. It is very old and is separated entirely from other villages. It has many special features too.


Each year my village faces floods due to heavy rainfall and then too its geographical feature is not changed. According to a common belief it is said that Lord Balabhadra himself protects this village. He is the deity of my village.

The most unique feature of my village is that it does not have any Brahmin family in it. All the families with the surname “Sahu” are located here. All families are farming families but by caste they are weavers.

According to an old belief it is said that the king who ruled this place asked the residents to weave a special cloth for him. The weavers failed to finish their work on time so the king ignited and punished all of them. As a result all the residents got united and started a revolution against the king. They quit weaving. As they were deprived from the royal help, they started depending on faming. Since then they are doing farming.

My village is very small having only 30 families with overall population of 200 villagers. It is located 60 kilometers far from the Bay of Bengal.


My village is filled with natural vegetation. At the middle of the village Lord Balabhadra’s temple is situated. Near that temple a beautiful pond is located. The pond is surrounded by many trees such as oleander trees, mango trees, peepal trees & neem trees. This pond is the main attraction of Balabhadrapur. It has many beautiful flowers too. Though it is fairly connected to the main road but till date the government has not constructed any bridge over the Brahmani River.

Despite of all these things the entire village is quite developed as it has a good school up to 10th standard. For medication, market & post office facilities the villagers depends upon the nearby villages.

Cultivation is the primary occupation of the villagers. My village is famous for its yearly vegetable production as river Brahmani is very helpful for cultivation. Due to which there is seasonal availability of good quality of vegetables & fruits at cheap prices. Hence many merchants visit my village to buy fruits and vegetables in bulk quantities. My village is also awarded the monetary amount of 10,000 Rupees by the state collector for purity and cleanliness of atmosphere.

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