Paragraph on the Consequences of the Third Battle of Panipat

Here is your paragraph on the consequences of the third battle of Panipat.

The third battle of Panipat had a very remarkable impact on the entire arena of India’s socio¬≠political, economic and even cultural life.


After the advent of European powers in India and their vicarious politics, the nation had just one hope that among indigenous powers Marathas had made remarkable gain at least in terms of territorial growth.

The English had established their power in Bengal and they were waiting for the right time to get benefit of the eternal political dissension among the Indian powers.

Fighting against the invading army of Ahmad Shah Abdali at Panipat was the biggest mistake of the Marathas. It was basically a strategic mistake. Marathas had experienced a number of battles in the hilly areas. It was the first time they fought in plain area where there was face to face battle with an army which was better in artillery. Maratha’s defeat revealed the weaknesses of the Indian military.

The greatest power of the country was given a hard blow that had badly shattered their strength. Secondly, Marathas indirect control on the Mughal rulers had ended and it paved the way for attack and plunder of India’s wealth. For Bruisers it became easy to develop control over Delhi as Maratha control had ended. After the battle, dissension and petty politics for individual benefit started in the Maratha court. Bruisers got benefit of this situation and they started interfering into their court politics.


Maratha kingdom which was extended up to the region of Bundelkhand and up to the region of Andhra Pradesh lost its territorial glory and began within Maratha confederation.

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