An Useful Paragraph on Water (268 Words)

An Useful Paragraph on Water!

Water is the most essential commodity for all living beings for their survival. Human beings, animals, aquaculture, wildlife, birds, insects & flies, trees, plants, crops, microorganisms and the like consume large quantities of water for their growth and other needs.


It is said that even the human body is full of water that is more than 60% of its volume is of water.

Most of the ancient cities were observed to have developed on the banks of major rivers. This also amply signifies the role of water in the development of civilization even in pre-historic days.

So far, people were treating water as only the life-sustaining commodity. But with the rapid growth of industries developed for creating the infrastructure facilities for various needs and for rapid growth in urbanization, the demand of water is increasing day by day.

However, water is a finite source, i.e. in hydrosphere, roughly constant amount of water is in circulation at any one time but much less than 1 percent actually available for human use. It has been estimated that about 1400 X 10 15 M3 of water exist on the earth, of this 97% is in oceans as saline water, 2% in frozen in ice caps.


The fresh water availability in lakes, streams and rivers and underground form much less than 1% of the total water resources of the earth. Therefore, there is no alternative but to make most efficient utilization of the available water. The idea about the availability of water from various sources can be obtained from the knowledge of hydrology.

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