Solving Water Problems in Industries

Demand for water is continuously increasing in industries, because Indian industries make little use of polluted water.

Neither do they practice reuse of water nor recycling of water and process technology. After making a single operation of water, it is disposed of without utilizing it for a second subsequent use.


Many a time, less polluted water is also not reused. Thus, unpolluted water also becomes polluted after mixing with polluted water. In India, specially, a large quantity of water is used for cooling in thermal power plants. Hence, for maintaining sufficient quantity and quality of water in industries, optimum management of water is essential.

The following measures can prove useful for it:

1. Improved Process Technology:

Improved and developed process technology can be helpful in reducing the demand for water in industries.


2. Reuse of Process Water:

This process includes reuse of water at different levels. Where water is not thrown away after using it once, there will be lesser demand because it would be used in a chain.

3. Re-circulate Process of Water:

The same water can be re-circulated after treatment and again used for a similar purpose. It is a cheaper process of saving water by incorporating latest techniques.

4. Rain Water Harvesting:

Industrial units can use rain water in different forms. This water supply can be complementary to the traditional supply of water and it would save water. It can also be implemented through legal provision.

5. Increasing Availability:

By balancing demand of water through its use in qualitative form, its availability can be increased. It may be made obligatory for all industries to dispose off water used by them only after its treatment, at a suitable place, and fresh water shall not be used at every level. Thus, water can also be conserved through its conscious use.

Such strategies may be determined for industrial areas in the country so that their demand is also fulfilled and availability of water is also maintained. For this, pressure will have to be built on indus­tries for treatment of polluted water. Special Indian based standards for effluents should be adopted so that industries can save water.

They should take steps to control pollution. A limit for taking water from water sources may be fixed so that reuse and recycling gain impor­tance. Stress has to be laid on conservation of rain water. There should also be legal provisions regarding use of water at all levels so that there is a sustainable base for water and water supply in indus­tries is maintained for the future as during the past.

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