Short Paragraph on My visit to Zoo (397 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on My visit to zoo!

It was during a short vacation that my parents decided we would go to the zoo. My sister and I were eagerly waiting for the day to arrive.


I have studied in class that Zoo is a place where different kinds of animals and birds are kept. We went to the Trivandrum Zoo.

We first bought the ticket and entered. While entering, the guard strictly told us that we should not feed any animals. We took a whole tour of the zoo slowly.

We first started seeing the monkeys. There were many different kinds of monkeys there and some of them were jumping from one branch to another branch of a tree. Some monkeys were in cages too. Then we saw the deer’s. They were plenty in number. Next we saw the elephants. My little sister was very excited to see the elephants. We then saw the lion and tiger. The tiger was really very angry and making big sounds. We then saw the cheetah and the leopard. We then took a break for some time.

Next we went to the water areas. It was very exciting to see the crocodiles in the water. There were big and small ones. Then we saw some tortoise. They were very small and beautiful. Walking on we saw the rhinoceros. It was taking its bath and then suddenly one Rhinoceros opened its mouth! It was very huge and I got scared. We saw the zebra next following bears.


We then moved to see birds. It was really a wonderful experience as we saw many different kinds of birds. They were all kept in different cages and each of them had beautiful feathers and made lots of different noises. Some of them were flying in the cage. The peacock was the most beautiful and we were lucky to see the opened tail of the peacock. It was very beautiful. We then saw the aquarium collection that had different kinds of fishes. Very tiny to big fishes were collected there and all of them were very beautiful to see.

After walking around for the entire day and seeing so many animals and birds, we were very tired, but I was equally excited and happy. We had a wonderful trip visiting the zoo and I would cherish the nice time we spent there.

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