Visit to Zoo: Short Paragraph on My Visit to Zoo

Here is your short paragraph on My Visit to Zoo !

Last Sunday, I visited a zoo. Visiting a zoo was not only entertaining but it was a great experience for me. It enhanced my knowledge about many animals and their rare species.


I travelled almost 25 kilometers to visit that zoo. When I entered the gate I saw huge crowd specially children’s along with their parents. I purchased the entry ticket and went inside. As it was Sunday the crowd was almost double inside.

First of all I visited the zoological garden. There was a small lake inside the garden where various types of beautiful water buds & ducks were swimming. It was a wonderful feeling to watch them swimming.

As I moved ahead I saw that many birds were chirping including pigeons, parrots, sparrows and eagles. The music enchanted by those birds delighted all of us. The parrots were very beautiful. I saw many colorful parrots there for the first time in my life.

As I moved ahead I saw wild animals like leopards, lions, tiger & tigress. It was a wonderful sight to see the king of the forest in front of me. I become frightened when one of the tigresses started roaring. Then I moved ahead to see the tigresses den. I saw elephants & dears too. There was a garden where dears & stags were frisking around. They were very sharp and active.


Near that garden there was a big tree where a big group of baboons and monkeys were jumping around. The small children’s were throwing bananas at them & were even happier than me to see them jumping from one branch to the other. The monkeys were catching those bananas. It was a beautiful sight to see them jumping and eating the bananas. Then I halted towards the aquarium.

I saw varieties of birds & aquatic animals there. There were many species of fishes that I saw for the very first time. They were fidgeting beautifully inside the water. I also saw polar bears that looked dejected & deserted.

As I moved forwarded I saw a big tank there. I was surprised to see it was full of crocodiles. I saw other mammoth animals also such as snakes mainly pythons and cobras. I spent around 4 hours in that zoo. It was a wonderful experience to see those animals which existed only in books till date. The memory of that zoo still fills me with excitement and thrills. Hope to visit it gain.


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