Here is your short paragraph on eBusiness !

Nowadays, most businesses do not have an option. They have to have a web presence of some sort.

At the least, the business should have its own website. If someone is planning to enter into a business relationship with you, he/she would want to information about your company from your website.

The website can be much more than just that. Your website can act as an interface for your suppliers, an online store, or a forum for your customers. There are limitless possibilities of using your website for your business. What you are going to use it for and how much your business will be dependent on the website, depends on your overall strategy for your business.


A number of people would advise you to cautiously test the waters before committing yourself to an investment on a website. There are a number of ways to get on the Net without making a big commitment:

i. There are many Internet sites that provide a very basic webpage hosted within their own site. There are no hassles of getting your own domain name, designing a complex website, and hosting it.


ii. Your business offerings can be listed on classified sections of sites such as and There are options for both free listing and paid premium listings.

iii. Many sites such as and are set up as trade directories or yellow pages. Here too, there are options for free listing or paid premium placements. These sites also allow listing of specific offers to buy or sell.

iv. Sites such as eBay have spawned thousands of successful Net businesses. By putting up items for sale on eBay, you are able to take advantage of visibility on a very established website.

v. You can start a blog on the Net and put up information about your business but this will not serve the purpose at all. A blog is considered to be a vehicle to air your personal views and not pass along information about your business.

In the early days of the Net, websites were not very sophisticated but the viewers also had no great expectations from them. Now, however, the situation is very different. An online viewer expects a certain level of sophistication from the website and a website is instrumental in creating a favourable impression in the mind of the customer.

On the Net, the website is your office and your showroom. The way the website is set up goes a long way in forming an image of the company amongst the online community.