Here is your short paragraph on my hometown:

The name of my home town is Dhaka. It is situated in Bangladesh. It is the largest city as well as the capital city of Bangladesh.

Dhaka is situated in the great deltaic area of the two main rivers – the Brapmaputra & the Ganges.

The city was explored during the twelfth century. People believe that Dhaka’s was named after the construction of goddess Dakeshwari’s temple. This temple was built by Raja Babal Sen. The city covers a total area of 414 sq km. It has the total population of about 8.5 million. Dhaka is covered under the monsoon climatic zone. It is the world’s leading producer of jute and rice. It is a place for various industries such as food processing industries (mainly rice milling) & textiles industries (mainly cotton, jute and muslin).


Apart from that many other consumer goods are also produced here. Dhaka is a land of a large Muslim community. The city has more than seven hundred historic buildings and mosques. The University of Dhaka (established in 1921) & various other museums and technical schools are also located here.

Dhaka had various benefits in terms of for higher & specialized education, commerce, trade & employment. Dhaka attracts various people from different parts of Bangladesh. The fight for independence and human rights for Bangladesh starts from this city itself during in 1971.


In 1952 scholars of University of Dhaka fought for the major language “Bengali”. Many of them ended up losing their lives to fight with the government bodies. Based on these events every year 21st Feb is celebrated as “International Mother Language Day” in Bangladesh.

Dhaka is commonly known as the mega city in the entire world. Because of its huge crowd Dhaka is considered as highly populated city in comparison with the major metro cities in the world. Few years ago the residents of Dhaka were ranked as the happiest people of the world.

The city is known for its people who are quiet social, friendly and believes in happy living. To meet the growing needs of the local residents it is seen that day by day the numbers of nursing homes are seen to be increasing tremendously throughout the city. We enjoy all the festivals throughout the year with utmost joy. I welcome you to visit my city ones. I am sure you will also start loving Dhaka soon after you visit it.