Here is your short paragraph on my train journey:

I love travelling through train. Meeting various types of people during a train journey is a big source of pleasure and entertainment to the people.

Like many people I have fascination for making journey by train.I am very much found of train journeys because traveling in trains makes me feel pleasant & enjoyable.

I cleared by board examination for tenth standard and had 2 months vacations.


I was eagerly waiting for an opportunity to travel in train somewhere as I was wanted to experience something good after hectic exam papers. I convinced my Mom and Dad to go somewhere in the train. Initially they refused saying that they are extremely busy with their day to day works. Then they finally agreed to go for one week. We thought of visiting my uncle’s place in Dhaka city.

The next day Dad booked 3 train tickets for me, mom and himself to Dhaka. I was very excited. My uncle Raj was been staying in Dhaka since last 20 years. I and all my family members are deeply attached with uncle Raj’s family.


He is my Dad’s best childhood friend. Dad called up uncle Raj that we were coming to his place. He become extremely surprised and happy because it’s been 2 years he was after my dad to visit his place during vacations and finally we decided to go there. Therefore I purpose to visit Dhaka was to meet uncle Raj and his family and see the attractive place Dhaka, the city of beautiful lakes.

Finally after a day i.e. on Saturday morning 4th June 2012 at 6 a.m. we reached Khulna railway station & stepped into the train. All the 3 of us were very excited as after one year we planned to go for a holiday. I got happier when I came to know that I have got my seat beside the window.

After twenty minutes the train hit the hooter and started running fast. I opened the window and saw the beautiful green fields, trees and orchards passing by both the side of the train. I enjoyed the view a lot. Houses, building, railway crossing, temples and trees seemed to run behind.

The small children’s and farmers working in fields were waving their hands to the train. We reached Kamlapur station at 4 p.m. on 5th June. We saw uncle Raj standing at the platform to receive us. It was a beautiful train journey.