Here is your short paragraph on my first journey alone:

Travelling is fun and it gets more exciting and nerve racking when we make a long travel for the first time, all alone!!!

Though I have seen many people travel alone, I never realized the feel that they go through, until I had to travel all alone.

During my vacations, it was decided that I would visit my grandparents with my parents. But since an unexpected work came up for my mom and my dad being not in place, the whole plan had to be revised. This time the big question came to me. Could I travel alone?? At first I thought for a moment and was about to say no, but then I realized, if I did that I may not be able to visit them. So I took it as a challenge and I agreed that I would do the travelling alone. From then on I was all nervous and excited on how the travel would be, would there be any troubles and many such thoughts crossed my mind.


On the day of the travel, my mom packed my bags, prepared food for me and packed them and then had a 30 min class from her on how to be careful and to be away from strangers. She gave me all contact numbers for immediate contacts and made sure that my cell phone had them all fed and was in full charge.

She also told me that I should keep informing her, every station that I reach. My mother accompanied me to the railway station and she helped me board the train and again reminded me to be careful.


I had a three hour journey to reach my grandparents. Through the journey, I did not sleep as I was a bit nervous. I kept watching people, reading a book and did not give out much answer to anyone asking me questions.

I kept informing my mom, on reaching every station through SMS. Finally, after a three hour journey, I reached the station and there, I had my grandparents, uncle, aunt and my nephew all waiting eagerly to collect me. I was all happy and excited on my first travel alone and I enjoyed it.