Travelling is such a wonderful hobby that most of us love to do. It could be travelling for a reason or just for fun.

There are different modes of travelling; however the trains are the best when you would like to do a local travelling.

The journey in a local train is one among the most easiest and enjoyable journey`s. The common man always uses trains as the fastest mode of transportation within cities and to other states. It is so much fun and enjoyable when travelling with a company.

Day to day, we see thousands of people travelling in the local trains to reach their respective destinations. There are people who travel in the same train daily and there are many who might be travelling for the first time. One could meet different kinds of people during the journey and also make friends in the long run, when you keep meeting the same people on a day to day basis.


Apart from the travellers, various vendors board these local trains. For selling different items and snacks. The Chai /coffeewala, toy sellers, the flower girl, the basket weavers and so on. It solely depends on the choice of the traveller if he would want any of these products. Sometimes people just don’t even bother to look at these items, while at other times, people buy from them. There might be students, elderly people, young children and many others making their travel in the local trains, all for a reason and purpose. Some people even make lifetime friends from this wonderful mode of transportation as they see each other daily and get to know each other over a period of time.

Travelling in the local trains saves a lot of time, when you want to reach somewhere and one does not have to be held up in heavy traffic blocks and waste lots of time and spoil the day and important engagements.. Just need to know the train timings and the destination; travelling is then a lot more easier, stress free and fun with the local trains in your city.