Paragraph on the Autobiography of a Train


Trains are an important means of transportation and times have changed from the old coal running trains to the present electric running trains.

From the old carriage trains to metro and bullet trains that just takes you few hours to reach the farthest destination. Though all this has happened, there are still to be improved and here we talk about the autobiography of a train.

A train just does not happen overnight. The metal for the bogie is first casted and molded into bogie shapes to which the windows are fitted with iron rods. To this then seats are being attached and made it customer friendly. A new train is welcomed in all its glory and the route of the train gets finalized once, the train is completed with the long number of bogies it has been assigned to pull with.


However, over a period of time, wear and tear happens. But then, no body is bothered to take care of them. Passengers dirty the compartments and people don’t even bother to keep the train or the seats in good condition that they are traveling in. The cleaners, do not find time to clean the train and thus, the train gets very dirty and even more dirtier as time passes by.

By any chance the iron that has been used gets rusted, then as time goes by, these bogies are slowly moved to garages or train yards, where they say it is for maintenance, however, no maintenance happens and these bogies are left abandoned and left to the rusts for it to be completely eaten. The once glorious and neat train now becomes just a piece of rusted iron piece that has become of no use and not remembered for all the great service it has done and carried the numerous people and luggage on it to great distances. Most trains had a sad ending and so does the end of this train too.

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