Short Autobiography of a Table


A table is one among the common furniture’s that is seen around in every household, office or for that matter anywhere.

A table is a very necessary furniture that would help to support many activities on a day to day basis. Here, we get to understand the autobiography of a table and its journey….

The actual form of the present table was a being planted and nourished by nature and lived in a beautiful forest, the mahogany tree. The tree was there for years and enjoyed the wonderful surroundings and life it shared with the other trees and living things. Providing shelter was the greatest joy and the tree enjoyed being there all through its youth. On getting older, the tree became tight and tough and now this was one mistake that happened.


One fine morning, this beautiful tree fell into the hands of some cruel tree cutters who cut the tree with no mercy. The logs were then taken to a wood merchant who cut the wood further and out them on sale. After a few days, this piece of wood was bought by a carpenter, who after thorough examining took it to his work station. There after several measurements and cutting and screwing and polishing, the wood was made into a beautiful dining table, a pretty large one.

This table was then given to a furniture dealer and he kept this masterpiece in his shop. After several visits by many guests, the table was picked by a family of eight members and they were very happy to have this beautiful piece with them. The table served them for more than 10-12 years. Gradually, the style and look went down and the work was not as per the latest choices, therefore the table was put to a go down, where it now lays with no care and all dusted and being forgotten for all the good that it has done while being a tree and a table.

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