Short Autobiography of a Postcard


Before becoming was traditionally a wonderful and a beautiful bamboo shoo mint, which was then cut and taken to a paper mill and processed with the help of various machineries and made into a light colored thick card which was then bought to life in a printing press.

Later one day, this great bundle of cards was bought out and then the words ‘Post card’, ‘Address only’ were printed along with a Government emblem and was at a cost about 25 paisa, thereby bringing this lifeless card to life.

These cards were then transported to various locations and we kept waiting to find what their future would be.


One fine day, a bundle of these post cards were taken out for sale and it was bought by a handsome young man. Though it was just kept as a necessity, on the occasion of passing some real glad news, we used the postcards. One of the cards was taken out from the four and with beautiful handwriting the great message of his birthday and promotion was written in the postcard. The card was then posted and dispatched to an address in Delhi.

The card was sorted and then put in bags that were dispatched to different locations. Finally the card was delivered to the mentioned address and it was welcomed with so much of love and affection that the post card never felt it was a card, but as a great messenger who delivered the happiest news to a loving person on the other side of the world. It was a great experience and though the card is small, it delivers the best message to someone eagerly waiting for it.

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