Short Paragraph on My Journey (370 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on my journey:

Travelling is so much fun for me, no matter what the mode of transportation would be.

When I complete a journey, I would always try recalling the wonderful moments and note it down so that next time I could make it even merrier.


Of the entire journey that I have done, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey that I made through the Flight

Last vacation, my family decided we would make a Middle East trip for about 5-7 days and return and so the preparations for the same was being carried on. We had our relatives and friends down there who had been inviting us for some time and this time we decided we would make it.


We booked our tickets and on the scheduled day we started our journey. We reached the airport on time and the formalities for boarding the flight were all very smooth. We boarded the flight and made ourselves comfortable.

I had my little sister too and she was all excited and happy to be on a plane. After the announcements for the take off were made, we fastened our seat belts and the flight slowly started to move.

During the take off time, my sister and I were a bit scared, but once the flight was back in balance, we were relieved. I was at the window seat and so I enjoyed the sight that I saw outside. It was so beautiful.

The buildings all small and nice greenery from above. After some time, we were served food. My mother helped us have the food and we enjoyed the food. We made friends in the plane and had some nice time chatting with them.

I played games and watched my favourite cartoon shows. After some time I slept and took rest for some time. By the time I woke up, it was almost time to reach. I saw the oceans below us and when were nearing lands, it was a beautiful site. I enjoyed watching all this beautiful scenery from my window and finally, we landed at our destination. Though the journey came to an end, it was all very nice and I liked it very much.

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