Short Paragraph on the Health Effects of Noise Pollution


Short Paragraph on the Health Effects of Noise Pollution!

Nearly 20 to 40 decibels of noise are estimated to be normal while 120 decibels may lead to disastrous health hazards. They may include loss of hearing, emotional distress, blood pressure, sleeping sickness, increased heartbeats and tension.

In majority of the developed countries special noise zones are being developed in areas around the airport, demarcating areas for development and control.


Noise promotes the development of several non-auditory health effects including speech disturbances, sleep problem, insomnia, annoyance, hypertension and physiological disorders. These are neurosis, anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, sweating, giddiness, nausea and fatigue. Cardiovascular system is especially vulnerable to high levels of noise. Chronic noise may lead to abortions and congenital defects.

Reactions to noise pollution could be listed almost endlessly when one hears a loud noise, the blood vessels constrict, the skin pales, the pupils dilate, the eyes close, one winces, holds the breath and the voluntary and involuntary muscles become tense. Gastric secretion diminishes and blood pressure increases. Adrenaline is suddenly injected into the bloodstream which increases tension, nervousness, irritability and anxiety. Prolonged exposure to such noise can lead to severe mental disorientation and in some cases the violence. According to Nobel Laureate Robert Koch noise is the worst enemy of health.

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