Short Paragraph on Noise Pollution (337 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on noise pollution:

Unwanted or unpleasant sound that produces discomfort to humans and causes health-hazards could be termed noise pollution.

High decibel (dB) noise is ‘generated mainly from man-made sources such as horns, sirens, lawnmowers, television, radio, loudspeakers, washing machines, food mixers etc.


The effects of this type of pollution can be divided into auditory effects and non-auditory effects.

Auditory effects encompass fatigue and deafness.


Non-auditory effects can be understood by a noise of 50 to 60 dB interfering with speech. Even low level of sound of considerable duration causes annoyance, high blood pressure, nausea, fatigue, anxiety etc. All these lead to a loss of working efficiency.

Implementation of laws can control the menace of noise pollution.


The following methods are adopted for checking or reducing the menace.

Silencing devices in noise-producing engines such as engines of aircrafts, automobiles and machineries in factories and home appliances could help. It is, at times, very difficult to eliminate high noise level in the Case of factories. So, those factories can be set up in remote areas.

High level of noise can be reduced by covering the room walls with acoustic tiles which act as sound absorbers. The industrial machinery making noise should be confined to soundproofed enclosures.


Persons, especially the workers employed in noise-prone areas, should be given protective devices such as ear plugs and ear muffs.

Since natural vegetation has a tremendous ability to absorb and dissipate sound energy, trees should be planted along highways and in industrial areas to reduce noise.

Laws should be implemented to maintain silence in areas near hospitals and educational institutions. Such laws have already been implemented in some countries—the UK and the USA, for instance. Although we have laws such as the Motor Vehicles Act which restricts trucks using double sirens when passing through selected localities, these seem to be inadequate for preventing noise pollution in a populous country like India.

Mass awareness has to be raised from the grass-root level by using the media and schools.

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