If I Were the Class Teacher of My Class – by Anand



During my school days, we were always asked the question as to what would we like to become in future.

My answer was always the same, i.e. I would like to become the class teacher of my class.

I wanted to become the class teacher because I wanted to feel and experience what my class teacher regularly does and also because I had a knack for public speaking and teaching children.

Class Decorum:


If I were the class teacher of my class, I would at first ensure that my children understand the value of discipline. Discipline is the first and foremost requisite of any classroom and the students should abide by it. A proper decorum in the classroom not only gives meaning to the classroom studies but also helps in maintaining the focus of students. Children should also be directed in the right direction in cases of deviation and bad influence. However, discipline should not be forced upon a student. It has to be taught in the proper way.

Teaching Methodology:

If I were the class teacher of my class, I would change the approach of teaching. I believe that having a discussion in the classroom by involving the students is a healthy way to learn and hence I would ensure class participation in all subjects. Every student should be encouraged to speak up in class so as to overcome the fear of public speaking. I also believe that while teaching children, it is important to give them practical examples so that they understand the concepts better. These are the methods I would like to employ while teaching as a class teacher.

Extra-Curricular Activities:


Extra-curricular activities are as much essential in the student life as academics. I would encourage my students to participate in all sorts of competitions like painting, dancing, debating and writing. Participation in sports is equally important as a healthy body ensures a healthy mind. I believe that besides studying, a child needs to do every other thing which he pleases so as to develop his passion.


Thus, if I were the class teacher of my class, I would ensure that my students inculcate the best values from me and strive harder towards their goals in life. I would make sure that I speak to each of my student personally and address his or her concerns. A student should not be afraid of his teacher but should be able to approach him in times of difficulty.

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