Paragraph on A Class without a Teacher – by Shanu


A teacher is a person who not only teaches us various subjects but also maintains the decorum of the class.

A class without a teacher would probably become a place where no discipline would be maintained and where no one could learn anything.

Just like a coin has two sides, such situations also have some advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages are no homework, freedom to talk whatever we want to and do whatever we want to, no one to scold us and also no one to complain about us to our parents. The list of disadvantages is bigger though. Without a teacher, we would have probably never learnt anything in life, no one would have guided us ever, and our personalities would have never been built.


A teacher has various responsibilities. A major responsibility is of course helping us, the students in our subjects and framing our minds and also directing us towards the right direction. A class without a teacher can never be a place where we can learn new things and also grow up into better individuals. A teacher also showers his/her students with love and care. It is said that a teacher is no less than a mother or a father. Teachers are our guardians in our school and a teacher is very much necessary for us to learn and try new things in life.

However some teachers are too strict and tend to complain about us frequently. A class without a teacher who frequently complains about us would probably be a better place than a class with such a teacher. I understand that it is because of their affection towards their students that they tend to scold them so that the students do not repeat mistakes but I wish they also feel the daily pressure and burden of homework that the students carry on their shoulders. I wish every class has a friendly teacher who could feel the pain of students and at the same time help them with new subjects and also help them to frame a healthy mind and body.

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