Paragraph on A Class without a Monitor – By Anand



A monitor of a class is as essential as a judge in a courtroom. The monitor ensures that discipline and proper decorum is maintained in the classroom.

He has eyes not only on his own work but also on other students in the classroom. It is the responsibility of the monitor to complain to the teacher in case of any disturbance in the class.

Importance of A Monitor:

The monitor is the most important aspect of a classroom. Without a monitor, the classroom becomes a fish market. The responsibilities of the monitor are also plenty. He has to ensure whether the students have got their subject books to the class or not, he then has to keep a check on the students when the teacher is not in the class and if he feels so, he can also submit the names of those students who violate the decorum of the classroom. The monitor also ensures that the homework submitted by the students is safely kept in the classroom cupboard.

No Monitor in Class:


A class without a monitor is seldom a quiet class. Since there is no one to keep a check on the students, there is a lot of hue and cry. Boys start throwing mounds of paper at each other and girls engage in gossip. The decorum of the classroom is at stake if there is no monitor in the classroom. Students known to create ruckus even go to the extent of raiding the classroom cupboard and stealing chalks from them.

Such a situation in one classroom affects the adjacent classrooms as well where the studies are hampered. Without a monitor, students also sneak out of the class and roam around in the campus. A monitor usually reports such incidents to the class teacher but in his absence, students become more disobedient.



A class without a monitor is a chaotic class. The monitor’s presence is of utmost importance in a classroom, failing which disobedience and indiscipline thrive. Disobedient students, who are always known to be mischievous, influence fellow students and they start bothering others who try to maintain silence.

The very purpose of the classroom is lost if there is no monitor appointed. Thus, every teacher must ensure that a monitor must be appointed for the class and he should be a student who is ready to take responsibility and help in making the class a respectable place.

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