Paragraph on A Teacher I like Most – by Anand



A teacher is a person who educates a group of students known as his pupils. The teacher instills in his students, the values of discipline, responsibility, honesty, courage and truthfulness.

The teacher guides his students in the right direction and prevents them from falling prey to bad intentions and influences. The number of teachers usually depends on the number of subjects being taught.

My Favourite Teacher:

My favourite teacher is my History teacher. She is an elderly lady with immense knowledge. Her class is my favourite thirty minutes of the day. She has been teaching in our school for a long time and is a well known face in our school. With a calm demeanor and a knack for historical wars, she makes learning history a fun-filled affair.


In her class, almost every student pays attention to what she says. She uses the help of diagrams and charts to make us understand even better. She never reacts harshly with anyone. She makes sure that her students are comfortable with her and are not threatened by her.

Her Importance in My Life:

My History teacher was like a mother to me. She liked me a lot and I also went to her after class with my doubts. Her affection towards me was like a mother’s towards its child. I remember a particular instance when I had failed to complete my homework because of sickness and she had asked me to submit the same at my own convenience. Even during my sickness, she had visited my house with chocolates and soup. She is the person who had told me the importance of being humble no matter how greater a position you reach.


She is the person who pushed me to try everything in life and not to back away from anything that came as a challenge. Her constant dedication towards my interests and hobbies motivated me to pursue the same with more enthusiasm. . I believe that the greatest virtues she taught me were discipline and punctuality. It is because of her that I complete my work in time and with utmost sincerity even today. She taught me not to give in to fear and to face every adversity with a clean and composed mind.


My favourite class teacher played a very important role in my life. She taught me many values and ideals. She always showed me the right direction and asked me to follow my dream. Her advice for me to be a better person everyday is something I still follow with all my heart.

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