Paragraph on my Experience in a New Class – by Rajan


My experience in my new class was simply great. Initially I thought that the first day in a new class would be boring, but I was wrong.


I entered into class five in year 2000 after scoring good marks in fourth standard.

There was the wilderness in the class because all students were shouting loudly in the absence of our class teacher.

My experience:


I was completely new to the class. I didn’t have a single friend at that time. All students were looking at each other and trying to become close with someone. Somehow I managed to find a new classmate for me. His name is Prayag Bhilare. He is studying with me since fifth standard till this date.

We used to sit on the same bench. As we both were little studious our bench was located right in front of the teacher’s desk. On the first day of my class, Prayag introduced me with some of his known buddies. Their names are Ritesh, Sagar, Prashant, Amar, and Vinayak. This is how we created a group of friends.


My experience in new class was awesome because I found some of the best buddies on the first day. We started chatting with each other. We used to split study notes among us.

My new class teacher was Mr. Khire. He has a very strict personality. He never tolerated indiscipline inside class. He often scolded us for making noise in the class. We still remember the punishments given by him.

On the first day, our class teacher took us to show the entire school. He showed us some significant departments such as laboratory, school auditorium, painting room, study room, etc. We became familiar to the entire school building through this tour. He also instructed us to keep our school surrounding clean.

After that we went to the teacher’s room. There were many teachers proficient in their own subject. Our class teacher introduced us to all teachers.

Then, he took us to the room of peons. He introduced us to the peons. At that time I found all school peons to be honest and well disciplined.

The best time came when we got introduced to our sport teacher. Our sports teacher is truly a gentleman. He has made our school life most enjoyable.


On the first day, we were given a time table of school. The entire school schedule works in accordance with this time table.

At the end, we were instructed to get together in the auditorium. The auditorium was full of students, teachers, peons and our honorable principal. Students from all standards gathered in the auditorium. We got little scared after watching this crowd.

The purpose behind this get together was to instruct students regarding the school rules. Our honorable principal Mr. Vaidya directed us on the school rules. He told us the history of our school. He also instructed us to rank higher in the state level exams.


The new class was truly great. All students in my new class were scholars. Our new teachers were highly qualified in their subjects. In this way, my experience in new class had gone much beyond the expectations.

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