A visit to a bank is always informative. The banking institution is an integral part of the present economic system.

Channelization and concentration of resources for the purposes of satisfying the economic needs and objectives of the nation, is the principle on which a bank operates.

I had to visit the bank to open my own account last Sunday.

Work of Various Departments:

Just like the post office, the working of the bank is divided into many different departments which collectively handle the affairs of the bank. These departments have been provided with specific counters or windows where the customers have to stand in queue and wait for their turn. Almost every bank is air-conditioned nowadays. There are seats put up for the people who visit the bank for work. There are cabins provided for the managers and general manager of the bank. There is also a room where the assets and other valuables of the people are kept in safe boxes.


There are boards attached on each wall which give the basic information regarding the working of banks:

1. Account Opening Counter:


This is the department which is the busiest of all sections. When I visited the bank, I was surprised to see a very long queue in this counter. I thought it would take me hours to get an account opened. There was a form which needed to be filled up along with the signature of a confidant and one’s identity proof.

2. Demand Draft/Cheques Counter:

This section remained fairly less crowded. Customers of the bank visited this section to get their demand drafts and cheques done. For each one of them, a separate form was available which had to be filled and was to be submitted to the person sitting at the counter along with the requisite amount of money mentioned in the form.

3. Withdrawal Counter:

The withdrawal counter is where people come to encash cheques and withdraw money from their accounts. The person sitting in this counter usually has a drawer or a suitcase filled with case so that he can hand it over to the person who has rightfully claimed it. This section remains negligibly crowded.

Importance of a Bank:

The soundness of the banking system of a country determines its economic health. The borrowing, processing, lending of the banks facilitates the process of production, distribution and consumption of wealth. Thus, banks are the most effective partners of the government in the process of economic development. The resources of the country are efficiently utilized by the banks. The capital of the country doesn’t die because the banks preserve the wealth of its people.



My visit to the bank made me learn many new and different things about the functioning of the banks and the important role they play in the economy of any country. The bank is the heart of the economy of a nation and the facility of giving loans by the banks provides incentives for more production. Thus, the banks are the nerve centres of the economy of a nation.