Paragraph on Visit to a Museum – By Anand



I had a chance to visit the Regional Museum of National History last year with my parents.

It is a very famous museum which is housed in a huge building surrounded by parks, fountains and big cedar trees in the heart of the city.


Life-sized statues of Gautama Buddha near the entry gate, welcomed one into the premises of the museum.

Arts, Crafts, Paintings and Sculptures:


The museum was nearly a century old but had undergone multiple renovations in the last few decades. For better tour of the museum, it was meticulously divided into different sections housing different aspects of the history. It presented multiple scenes and sights. The Art and Craft masterpieces were in one section.

It had a huge collection from almost every era of history. Paintings and sculptures were in another section which was adjacent to the previous section. It had the works of Picasso, Michelangelo among others. The same section also housed embroidery and pottery.

Prehistoric Artifacts:

This was a very interesting part of the museum. It housed the earthenware, toys, vessels and architectural designs of the prehistoric period dating back to the times of Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilization. There were also life-sized figurines of the then Harappan men and women standing guard at each side of the artifacts.

Different Periods of Indian History:

There was another section which housed the various remnants of the glorious history of our country. There were beautiful portraits and paintings from the Mughal era. One could also find the coins of various periods of history, ornaments which were worn by the women in each period of Indian history, metalware specimens and agricultural implements.


Moving further, one could observe neatly stacked arms and weapons of the historical times in the order of their evolution throughout the different periods. Amongst them were helmets, swords, clubs, armours, sheaths, knifes, which were used by the warriors in the past. The stark contrast between those weapons and the modern day weaponry was interesting.

Importance of the Museum:

The two-hour tour of the museum left me wanting for more. The museum was indeed a storehouse of different objects of antique arts and crafts. The museum makes us acquainted with our forgotten past, the past wherein the glorious history of our country lies. The museum also acts as a database of knowledge for the interested people. One could gather information starting from anything to everything about the history of our country.



The visit to the museum was indeed a very enriching and exciting experience for me. I could now visualize the kind of dress that the warriors adorned before going to battle even during the times of Alexander the Great. It also played in my mind as to how the same warriors must have used the weapons during those days. The visit also made me aware regarding the grandeur of the Mughal era and the sheer artistic talent that the rulers of the era had. The rugs, carpets, chandeliers, lamps from the Mughal palaces were a testimony to the same fact.

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