Short Paragraph on River


River is a very important soft water source. Our country India is naturally blessed to have many rivers.

In most of the cases, rivers start at the highest point in a particular area. Again, it’s very important source for fresh water. It’s quite surprising to know that rivers drain almost 75 percent of the earth’s land.

River is important because it’s a habitat for many civilizations. For some countries, river is the biggest route of transportation. Rivers often offer recreational opportunities. Farming or agriculture would have been greatly affected without it. You should also know that rivers are the vital carriers of many nutrients.


Industries rely on the fresh river water for their operations. Think about agriculture. India is an agriculture dependent country. Most of our states have their agricultural lands that need supply of fresh water. Rivers are the biggest sources of soft water. States that are blessed to have their own rivers use the water for the plantation.

As we all are dependent on waters, rivers are one of the main reasons we are still able to manage our increased demand of it. If our agriculture only had to depend on rain, there would have been severe complications due to a change in weather. Didn’t you hear about the early civilizations? There used to be a time when rivers were very important for trading. As societies started to develop, need of agriculture, farming and trading forced humans to move to the fertile river lands. Also, rivers became the sources of fresh food like fishes. People started trading with fishes. Even today waterways are very famous within Europe.


The rise of the world economy is related to rivers several ways. Rivers are important sources of drinking water for the wildlife. Do you know Nile is the longest river in the world. It’s in Africa. The rivers are very important part of the drainage system because they carry the land water to the ocean. River water is undoubtedly the most suitable drinking water. Although we can’t use it directly for drinking, water treatment companies purify the water before we use it. This is why rivers are the biggest sources of water for the big cities and towns.

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