Short Paragraph on “My Visit to an Old Age Home”

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Last Saturday, I visited Jeevan Asha which is an old age home for orphans & aged people in Mumbai. We can see old age homes all across the world.


But unfortunately even the best old age home has old people & children’s that are unhappy, lonely & sad.

Science & even the best writers fail to explain the affection, bonding & love between a child and a mother. There is no mother in this world who does not want her children to be happy. Every mother wants to do the best things that she could ever afford for her children. To get those best things in the world many mothers works hard throughout their lives. They even face situations where they had to remain hungry in order to feed their children. But the saddest part is when children grows up they choose to push their mothers in the old aged homes.

When the child grows up his/ her mother want to spend some free time with him/ her. But the child refuses to do so. When I visited Jeevan Asha I saw many mothers who were pushed by their children’s to spend the rest of their lives there. These mothers were very unhappy and were trying their level best to somehow adjust towards the surroundings talking to people who were unknown and strange to them.

I talked with those unfortunate mothers and collected fond memories. I learnt a lot from them. Many mothers were still hoping that someday their children’s will coma and ask them to go back home.


During my visit to Jeevan Asha I learned that being an old person is not easy for anyone. Those people were suffering from relationship pain & loneliness which was easily seen in their wet eyes. There were separate wards and each ward consisted of 3-4 beds. I did not visit few wards as I was not allowed to enter because it had mentally retarded people in it. I took some useful items with me like bed sheets, fruits, soaps, snacks etc. and distributed to them. Before my visit I thought that orphan age is for poor people but I saw many deprived mothers who belong to well established families.

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