Short Paragraph on Ozone Layer

Here is your short paragraph on Ozone Layer !

Ozone layer (O3) is earth’s protective layer. Ozone layer surrounds the earth’s surface. It is made up of 3 oxygen atoms.


Ozone layer plays a vital role for protecting human beings & animal as it protects them from harmful ultra violet (UV) rays coming from the sun.

Ozone is formed when some kind of electrical discharge or radiation separates 2 atoms in O2 (oxygen molecule) which then combines individually with other oxygen molecules.

People residing in higher elevations are more exposed towards UV radiations in comparison with people living in low elevations. Ozone is a form of shield that sits 15-30 km above the earth’s surface in the region known as stratosphere.

Several steps have been taken by mankind to protect the ozone layer from depletion. The main cause of depletion of ozone layer is CFC or Chlorofluorocarbon. CFC is a kind of chemicals that is realized by some factories. After the discovery of ill effects of release of CFC in the atmosphere, in 1973 a treaty called Montreal Protocol was signed by many countries all around the world. In this treaty several steps were taken to reduce the manufacture of Chlorofluorocarbons in the factories.


Things like paints, deodorants, foam etc are kept under high pressure & sold in aerosol cans. Due to this pressure when the button is pressed these substances comes out in the form of spray/ foam. For instance, shaving creams in aerosol cans can be applied directly without using a brush to form lather.

These cans use chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons & fluorocarbons. When these chemicals are released in the atmosphere they react with the ozone layer present in the atmosphere and destroy it.

The destruction caused in the ozone layer allows the harmful UV rays to reach our planet. UV rays can cause fatal diseases such as cataract & cancer in humans as well as animals. Scientists all around the world are trying to develop other chemicals that be used instead of aerosols. Another cause of depletion of ozone layer is the release of chemicals in the pollution such as bromine and chlorine.

Impact of depletion of ozone layer:

I. UV rays may cause sun burns, skin cancers & pre-mature aging of skin.

II. Exposure of UV rays may damage various parts of our eyes such as cornea, lens, conjunctiva and retina. It can also lead to blindness, cataracts & other eye diseases.

III. In 1993 studies of environment Canada have revealed that 10 % thinning of O3 layer has resulted in almost 2 million cases of cataracts in one year all around the globe.

IV. UV rays can weaken the immune system of human beings.

V. Intense exposure of UV rays results in reduced crop growth which includes crops like oats, cucumbers, wheat, corn, rice, soybean, tomatoes, carrots, barley, peas, cauliflower and broccoli.

VI. UV rays is also destructing the growth of water bodies at an alarming rate such as plankton, fishes, crab larvae and shrimp larvae etc.

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