Short Paragraph on My Favorite Book – City of Joy

Read this short paragraph about My Favorite Book – City of Joy !

Book fans are a dying breed these days because of the breakthrough of TV, films, and also the Internet. Most people prefer to spend their time watching a good movie or surfing the internet.


In today’s overly busy world, few folks spend time reading novels those who do either enjoy reading too much or to fight boredom instead watching lengthy movies.

In the modern world there is an increase in the advancement in technology. It’s therefore essential for people to read continuously to enjoy the many benefits that reading comes with such as broadening of knowledge and learning a thing or two.

Many read books to broaden their wisdom, while other read books to take pleasure from its subject material. I fit in with this group. I love to read good books in specific fiction, short tales, plays, etc. My most desirable book is “City of Joy” authored by Dominique Lappiere. The novel is really a touching outline on the lifestyles of the slum dwellers city vendors, common people and other people in the slum and how they survive in the busy streets. Their lifestyles, and endurance and the pitiable survival are clearly emphasized by author.

It’s the story of the many undesirable folks in the society. However the writer finds happiness, bravery, quality, and good traits amongst this group of unfortunate folks.


The plot of the plot really moved me and I have read this book more than four times now. The best aspect with the book, that fascinated me most, was the author’s reference to what would seem insignificant information.

The writer shows an authentic image of the slums stuffed houses, unclean drain pipes, small footpaths, people’s quarrels, their feats and celebrations, etc. The vocabulary is easy and the type of narration is down to earth. The author’s expertise of characterization is simply too beautiful to go unnoticed.

Once you read the book, an entire chapter of the various kinds of lives that people live opens up just before us.

There is nothing as satisfying as reading a good book.

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