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Short Paragraph on Animals (1079 Words)

Animals are very useful for us as we get food, wool, milk, honey, and we use animals for transportation. Dr. Verghese Kurien born 26 November, 1921 at Kerala, He is called the ‘father of the white Revolution’ in India. He was the chairman of the Gujarat Co-operative Marketing Federation. He is credited with being the […]

Paragraph on Animal Our Best Friends

Here is your short paragraph on Animal Our Best Friends ! We have evolved from animals and since then, we humans do have a connection with them. Animals have been man`s best pals and they would understand you so well that you won`t even have to say what you want or feel. It is said […]

Short Paragraph on Animal Abuse

Here is your short paragraph on Animal Abuse ! Abusing animals have risen recently when compared to the past. The main reasons for animal abuse are only for human pleasures. In order to have that expensive leather bag or wallet or a handbag made from snake skin or a good fur coat that is beautiful […]

Paragraph on Cruelty to Animals

Here is your paragraph on Cruelty to Animals ! God created all living creatures on earth with the same feelings. The feeling of pain, happiness, anger, depression etc. is the same for all. However, since animals and plants do not speak, we humans abuse them to such a great extent that if they could respond […]

Short Paragraph on Zebra (350 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Zebra ! Most of us have seen Zebras at the zoos. They almost resemble a horse and also move, gallop and trot like horses. However, they do not run like horses and are not domesticated. They are known as wild animals. They fall into the equidae family where the […]

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