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Paragraph on Good Health Brings Pleasure – by Rajan

Introduction: Health is wealth. This is a wise saying. Heath is considered as the most precious among all possessions. One can achieve anything in life if he has good health. Importance: A man may be very rich and may be very wise. He may have other blessings in life. But all these possessions can never […]

Importance of Industrial Safety

Industrial safety and efficiency are directly related to each other. Safety measured prevents accidents and ensure regular flow of work. Safety also helps to improve the morale and productivity of workers. It contributes to team work and sense of belonging among employees. Surveys and studies reveal that wherever safety measures are good, labour productivity is […]

Importance of Industrial Health!

Importance of Industrial Health! The well-being of the employee in an industrial establishment is affected by accidents and by ill health—physical as well as mental health services should be provided to the workers by the management to ensure the continuing good health of their employees. Ill health of employees results in reduced productivity, higher unsafe […]

Paragraphs on Health and Psychology (481 Words)

Paragraphs on Health and Psychology! Health is a major neglected topic in psychology, of pervasive importance. It should be obvious that a child who has defective and uncorrected vision or is deaf, malnourished, or ill cannot carry on his school work effectively. But other and less recognized results of handicap or ill health are often […]

Short Paragraph on Health Psychology and Health Awareness

Here is your short paragraph on Health Psychology and Health Awareness ! Currently health psychology has emerged as an important branch of psychology and a sister branch of clinical psychology. This emerging branch is devoted to understand how people stay healthy, why they become ill, how they respond when they are ill and finally how […]

Paragraph on Health Care and Its Socio-Economic Significance

Here is your paragraph on Health Care and Its Socio-Economic Significance ! In view of the tremendous importance of good physical and mental health, health care becomes an urgent need for every individual in the society. Usually, people consult physicians and doctors when they are ill or suspect some disease. But regular physical and psychological […]

Short Paragraph on Utilization of Health Care Resources and Health Care Facilities

Here is your paragraph on Utilization of Health Care Resources and Health Care Facilities ! Currently, with the increasing awareness for health care and availability of health care facilities even in remote villages and rural areas, more and more people tend to visit hospitals, doctors and nursing homes for health check up and health care. […]

Short Paragraph on Health is Wealth

Read this paragraph about Health is Wealth ! Two of the topics are always tend to be most interested in theses modern days are “Health” and “wealth” and for appropriate reason, of course, as health and wealth are two of the most crucial aspect to acquiring a highly delightful life. However, one thing, which quite […]

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