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Consequences of a Large Population

A large population can be an asset as a resource— human capital. It can also be a hindrance in developmental efforts. Those who regard population as a resource argue that population growth means a larger labour force which contributes to additional production. Secondly, population growth may spur technical progress: a huge population creates the ‘demand’ […]

Paragraph on the Problems of Pollution

Pollution these days are at an alarming rise and the after effects that they bring around is just so disastrous. The environment around is being polluted by various human activities and as a result, the rise of various diseases are also on the high. Land, water and air, all modes are being polluted by human […]

Paragraph on Overpopulation (440 Words)

Here is your paragraph on Overpopulation ! Overpopulation is a major issue all around the world. If population continues to grow at the current rate our planet will be unable to sustain its population. Overpopulation also leads to shortage of resources such as crops and water. Overpopulation also affects the standard of living of people. […]

Paragraph on Tribal Population of India

Paragraph on Tribal Population of India! The tribes are the autochthonous people of the land who are believed to be the earliest settlers in the Indian Peninsula. They are generally called adivasis, implying original inhabitants. The ancient and medieval literature mentions a large number of tribes living in India. Before the introduction of the caste […]

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