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Paragraph on Lights, Camera, Action! Here’s Your Role! – by Shanu

Your role as a student and lot more: Who is a student? You, yourself and everyone around you is a student! Anyone who wishes to learn is a student. May it be a young age or old age; you are a student, always! There are various stages of your life when you are a student, […]

Paragraph on Experience of Overcoming a Fear- by Shanu

Introduction: I am the brightest student of my school but I lack in only one thing, i.e. presentation. I have so many views in my mind but, what I fear is presenting them in front of all. I tried to overcome this fear many times but, even took part in debates and speeches but, I […]

Paragraph on Morning walk at the Riverbank- by Shanu

Why a morning walk in invigorating: When you are going through days when you feel stressed out and uncomfortable for any reason. It is always good to take a walk. I know it is one of the most tiring and not fun things to do, but then the amount of pleasure that you get when […]

Paragraph on Break Time at School – by Jenny

Introduction: Every school has a break time and it is during those hours that students and teachers take a break and refresh themselves to prepare for the next happenings of the day. There have been researchers carried out as to how long a break should be and how it would impact the kids. Break time […]

Paragraph on an Honest Student – by Silki

Introduction: An honest student never follows the wrong ways to get success. I know the word ‘Honesty’ sounds very vague in today’s world of deception and greed; but, somehow I still didn’t lose faith in it. My mother always tells me to choose honesty as she also did so during her childhood. The student life […]

Paragraph on the Days of Preparation for Exam – By Silki

Introduction: Although the days of preparation for exam were strenuous and monotonous, it had its own charm somehow. All friends used to sit together, stay awake throughout the night and prepare the lessons. Those moments were full of unexplainable excitements. Some of the friends used to act strange and pretend not being prepared. My mother […]

Paragraph on Opening a School in Your Locality – by Anand

Introduction: Opening a school in my locality has always been my dream. It would be the best school in the area and would have everything great about it. The school in my locality would be where I would be the principal and would ensure discipline and fair play in the affairs of the school. I […]

Paragraph on My New Classroom – by Shanu

My new classroom is extremely extensive and decently ventilated. It can occupy sixty understudies. I have numerous objectives that I might want to attain, to name a couple are completing school, turning into an effective Medical Office Assistant and improving as an individual. An online configuration will work well for me in light of the […]

Paragraph on A Class without a Monitor – By Anand

Introduction: A monitor of a class is as essential as a judge in a courtroom. The monitor ensures that discipline and proper decorum is maintained in the classroom. He has eyes not only on his own work but also on other students in the classroom. It is the responsibility of the monitor to complain to […]

Paragraph on My Favourite Class Teacher – By Anand

Introduction: A class teacher is a person who educates a group of students known as his pupils. The teacher instills in his students, the values of discipline, responsibility, honesty, courage and truthfulness. The class teacher guides his students in the right direction and prevents them from falling prey to bad intentions and influences. The number […]

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