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Impact of Technology on Family Life – by Anand

Introduction: Technology is a boon of the modern era. It encompasses anything and everything. Technology helped people in making things more convenient, achievable and effective. Technology touched every aspect of the lives of the people. People started depending more on technology and the need for manual labour started decreasing. Technology is so intricately linked with […]

Paragraph on Does Computers make our Life Easy – by Soumyajeet

Introduction: The invention of computer has been such a revolution, that it has gained a place of importance right after the discovery of wheel and fire. It is an invention, which has drastically changed everything on the face of Earth- business, technology, transport, communication, education, economy, crime, society, entertainment and everything one can imagine. If […]

Short Paragraph on My Computer (450 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on My Computer ! Today each one of us is surviving in a modern digital era. Almost every work is done with the help of technology. Since computers are invented their use is increasingly gaining popularity in terms of individuals & organizations as well. People of all ages these days […]

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