Short Paragraph on Life in a Big City

Here is your short paragraph on Life in a Big City !

A lot of people now-a-days relocate to big cities (like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore etc.) from villages to add quality to their lives.


Though villages are blessed with peace, fresh air and greenery as compared to big cities then too people choose cities over villages.

There are many reasons behind choosing cities such as:

I. Good education (big universities, posh private public schools and government schools).

II. Unlimited source of income.


III. Good jobs

IV. Proper supply of electricity and pure water

V. Proper sanitation system

VI. Availability of proper public transportation

VII. Well furnished houses

VIII. Well equipped private and government hospitals

IX. Hotels, cinema halls, clubs, opera houses, zoos, museums, amusement parks and theatres.

Life in a big city is always considered a better life. This is due to the fact that a big city keeps you connected to the rest of the world. It also makes you aware about the development of your country & the world as a whole. It is said that a man living in a big city has a wider vision towards life.

Life in a big city is a lot of fun as people in big cities actively participates in festivals, events and live shows. An individual residing in a big city has unlimited income sources because of overpopulation.

However life in a big city is not as easy as it seems to be.

Because there are number of problems associated with life in a big city such as:

I. Shortage of housing due to over population.

II. Transportation (standing in queues for hours).

III. High cost of living as compared to villages.

IV. High traffic due to high population (especially during the office and schools hours).

V. Air, water and noise Pollution.

VI. Usually city offers commodities at high prices as compared to villages.

VII. Crime rate such as theft and murder are very much high in big cities because people choose to spend lonely life.

VIII. Lack of social blondeness

IX. No hospitality because everybody is pre occupied with their professional and personal responsibilities.

X. No neighborliness because people does not like to interact much with each other.

XI. Adulterated food to meet the growing demand of population (pure butter, milk, flour and oil are very difficult to get in big cities).

Hence life in a big city is full of thrill, challenges, excitement and fun. It’s a different world altogether. Women and Men walk hand in hand freely. There is no social restraints and purdah.

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