Short Paragraph on Symbols on My Word Document

Here is your short paragraph on Symbols on My Word Document !

Sometimes when you open a word document, you may not be able to see the matter in it ,instead you may come across some symbols like boxes or dots, which could not be read. There are reasons as to why such things happen when you open a word document.


This mainly happens because when you recover a file that you want, or choose the option as Recover text from any file, then only the text is recovered and its formatting is not recovered. When you see such symbols when you open a file, it is really annoying and disappointing as you are not able to read the content what you have saved.

This could be saved or avoided when you open the file in the word format. To do this click on the File menu, then click on the Open menu. In the Files of type list, you should click onto Word Documents or you could click on All Files.

Unless an information is given to the word documentation at the process of recovering, the entire document would not be recovered in the right format and thus one would not be able to read it. Unless the recovered text from any file is changed to the Word document or All files, the matter would not be recovered right. Once the recovery is done right, then the saved documents would be opened in the right manner and you would be able to read the contents in the word file.

So next time when you have saved a file and transferred it for re-opening at a later stage, make sure that you open it in the right format so that you could read the saved document and not receive some symbols and signs which may look like Greek and Latin to you.


Another way is to click on the paragraph mark at the home tab if you have the MS 2007 version. In any of these ways, you would be able to recover the symbols and would be able to read the content of the file.

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