Paragraph on Our Neighbor Country – by Rajan karle


There is a saying that a good neighbor is a blessing while a bad one is a curse. In case of a country it is difficult to make a choice.

A neighbor country is regarded as the one which is divided from us by a border. This border is known as Line of Control. It is difficult to change the frontier of a neighbor country.


There is neither a permanent friend nor a permanent enemy. But only permanent interest makes it so. When we look at the world’s map we realize that we are surrounded by many other countries.


India ranks at the second position in case of most populated countries in the world. India is surrounded many other countries that are comparatively smaller by means of area. These countries are Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, and Pakistan.


India has well recognized political associations with most nations. Apparently, India always keeps a good relation with the neighboring countries.

Our country has constantly been honored as a peace loving country. Therefore, we have always maintained a friendly and peaceful relation with the neighboring countries. India has shaped a policy for the neighboring countries which is based on mutual growth and cooperation. Our foreign policy respects the integrity of any other country without interfering in their internal matters.

Neighbor countries:


Before independence India and Pakistan were one country. The British separated these two countries. Wars have been fought followed by agreements and treaties. But these agreements remained in words only. The unrealistic claim of Kashmir by Pakistan and launching of terroristic activities has become a big issue. The terrorists and secessionists organize unlawful activities within our country. Pakistan is providing military training and financial help to these terrorist groups.

Since the past few years, Afghanistan has created an excellent coordination with India in economic, cultural, and technical fields. The relation between India and Bangladesh is vital in all directions. The courage of mutual dignity, collaboration and sealed friendship has made this relation vigorous.

India has always been a traditional friend of Bhutan. Recently Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Bhutan and inspired their people. He agreed to provide complete assistance in the development of Bhutan.

The republic of Maldives and India believe in mutual understanding. Hence, these two countries have formed cooperation in the fields of economy and education.

The good relation with China was short lived. The doctrine Panchsheel also failed. The 1962 war with China opened the eyes of India and India geared up its defense preparedness. The relation with Burma, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan is cordial.


The power of India has been recognized globally. Our country not only supports but also works for the development of neighboring countries. India believes in nonviolence, peace, fraternity, sovereignty and expects the same from the neighbor countries.

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