Short Paragraph on My Nightmare (456 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my nightmare:

Each one of us has nightmares so I have them too. It is said that nightmares are caused because of many reasons like intake of drugs, alcohol, medicines or insufficient sleep, anxiety and fever.


Many times nightmares are triggered due to emotional issues at school or home, pressures of academics or schools, life changes like moving to a new place, stress and traumatic experiences.

No matter whatever the reason may be nightmares are always unrelated to our lives. Until I had a nightmare I always wondered what exactly a nightmare is.

Yes I had a nightmare too when I was in class seven. It was due to my new Math teacher. When I met her for the very first time I was not at all scared of her as she introduced her to me in a very pleasing way. But with the passing of time I realized that she was an extremely strict teacher.

As a teacher she was very specific and punishes all those who fails to complete their homework on time or fails to attend her lectures carefully. Whenever she sees and sort of distractions in her class, she punishes the students with severe punishments & made them to do extra work.


She often used to come up with surprise tests and all those who get bad scores were punished badly by her. She made students stand outside the class the whole day. One day I was punished by her and stood out of the class for scoring low marks in the surprise test. After that punishment she started become my nightmare.

In my sleep I think of only math’s problems & sums that I did in her class & so on. I used to discuss only about maths & no other subject. If I had surprise test I become panic on how to attend it thinking what would happen if I fail? What punishment would I get form her?

My nightmare became so extreme that even my parents realized her pressure on my mind. Then one day finally they decided to go to my school to discuss the matter. When my school principal heard the matter he decided to talk to the math teacher immediately.

She was advised not to put such mental pressure on students. After that incident I realized that she started to change her behaviour towards all the students. Initially I was very much afraid thinking that she might punish me for what my parents did. But later I realized that she was behaving normally with me as she was behaving with all the students. Finally my nightmare also disappeared with time and I was back to normal like I was before.


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