Short Paragraph on My Classroom (435 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on my classroom:

My name is Mehul Chaudhary. I read in St Mary’s convent Senior Secondary School. I am in class fourth. I have 25 boys and 15 girls in my classroom.

All students are about 9 years old. Vineet Changlani is our class monitor.


Riya Sen is the assistant monitor of our class. Priya Mehta stand 1st in our class and I gets the 2nd position. The name of our class teacher is Mrs. Diksha Saini. She comes to the class in the 1st period. She announces our names and marks us present. She forwards our leave applications. She teaches us English.

She is a very strict teacher. I sit in room number twenty one. I have a big classroom. It is a place where the students can be taught by the teachers on various subjects. My class room is situated on the 1st floor of our school building. It is located next to the staff room. It is quite big, spacious and well ventilated.


My classroom is made up of mortal and brick. It has light green color. The ceiling is plain and while and the walls are green. The floor is made up of cement. My classroom is twenty three feet long. It has eighteen feet black board which is fixed to the wall. We have a big verandah outside our class. The width of the verandah is 18 feet. My classroom is located towards the right end of the school.

In total my classroom has 4 windows & 2 doors to allow proper inflow of air and light. There are 4 fans and 3 tube lights which can be use depending upon the season. The planks are maroon and varnished. In every window there are 9 iron railings. We can see the school garden outside the window. In total there are 20 high benches and 20 low benches for the students to sit and attend the classes. The high benches have shelves where we can keep our note books and text books.

The teachers are made to sit over the armed chair and table which is placed over the raised platform. There are big wooden almirah that is placed against the wall. Our class prefect stores the duster, chalk sticks and teacher’s diary inside the almirah.

My school principal is much disciplined; she makes sure that the students keep the classrooms neat and tidy. If any student is caught writing on the walls or furniture of the classroom she punishes them for the entire week and the student is liable to pay 1000 Rupee as fine.

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