Paragraph on Education and Examination

Education System:

Enlighten comes through Education and it is the gateway to see the world around.

The education system allow individuals to avail the opportunity to develop their skills to create a democratic & progressive society.


The education system is solely responsible for the formation of attitudes that people carry out publically. Hence it is our foremost responsibility to sow good seeds in the classroom, nurture them well so that the nation can reap it well in its youth coming out of universities, colleges & schools. Every human being needs good quality of education to excel in their chosen fields.

The importance of education cannot be ignored in any case. Be it a soldier in the battlefield, a university professor/ teacher in the classroom, a clerk in his/ her office, a school master in his/her village school or a bureaucrat running his/ her administration sitting on a seat of power are the result of good education. Proper Education only can develop the faculties of mind, body and moral traits.

Examination System:

The success & failure of the education system revolves around examination system. The 2 main assumptions on which the examination system is based are-

  • Validity- An examination is called “valid” when it performs all the necessary functions that it ought to perform.
  • Reliability- An examination is called “reliable” when it is consistent to measure one’s merit.

Today’s Scenario:

Through Examination the worth of the students are assessed. Examination is an integral part of present Education system. Today both education & the examination systems has degenerated to such an extent that they have lost their validity & reliability. The Examination system is defective and harmful. The examination is an instrument to measure the memory stored in head by burning midnight oil. The scholars do not consider examination as test to judge their capabilities & evaluate their performance. Various education institutions are using unfair means to conduct examinations. This is even noticed by the government but they have failed to take the necessary steps to eradicate this evil.


Day by day this situation is becoming worse because now a day’s some parents are deliberately intervening to help their kids in their cheating adventures. Question papers get disclosed before the examination. These days the students can even get Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree by paying a handsome amount. Examination to be effective should be objective. A time has come to think to improve and improve to think the present examination system for a better future in Education.

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